Companies That Buy Houses

Companies That Buy Houses

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There are many different options to choose for sellers to sell their house, one way is to seek out companies that buy houses.  In this post I will be discuss some of the reasons home sellers will seek out companies that buy houses and what they can expect.

At the end of the day how a seller chooses to sell their home depends primarily on the reason for selling.

For some sellers there may be an insurmountable amount of debt that needs to be paid immediately and the seller may not have enough money to make partial payments acceptable to the lender.  This could be a variety of different lenders from a bank to a payday loan company to a furnace company.  Not all companies will necessarily take the house but they will put a lien on the home which will come due when the seller tries to sell the home.

For other sellers, they may not have any debt but simply no longer capable of managing the home due to mental or physical limitations and cannot afford to pay a third party.  When we first buy a home we never imagine what life may have in store.  For some people, they have simply lived in the house for 40 years or may have sadly experienced an accident which has left the person no longer physically capable of performing the necessary tasks required to maintain the home.  Some of these tasks may include cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters or maintaining proper grade level around the house.  When you are physically incapable of maintaining your home and financially incapable of affording someone else to do it for you, what usually happens?  As the home’s physical condition regresses so does its value.  For these sellers it is sometimes easier to seek companies that buy houses, as these companies will not only buy the house but will assist the homeowner in relocating to a new home.

Sellers may sell their home to companies that buy houses because the seller has inherited the home and is not emotionally or physically capable of dealing with the home.

It may be emotionally difficult to deal with not only preparing the home to list but

the inheritor may not live close enough to the home in order to deal with listing the property.  For these individuals, selling the house to a company that buys houses is an easy hassle fee way to sell the home in as-is condition.



Lastly the seller may be a landlord.  We have all heard the stories of the nightmare tenants and when the landlord is finally able to evict these world’s worst tenants they have cost the landlord tens of thousands of dollars in damage and back rent that it is no longer feasible to continue being a landlord.

In summary we’ve outlined a number of reasons as to why a seller would work with a company that buys houses now let’s touch on what these companies including ourselves, The Trading Post Property Solutions Ltd has to offer.

In order to meet the needs of these unique sellers it is important to first understand each sellers’ individual need.  In a nutshell, it is fair to say each of these sellers would benefit by:

  • A fair offer for sale.

    Yes that’s right, we can make the seller a fair offer.

  • A fast and easy sale.

    The last thing these sellers are looking for is a long drawn out process with a potentially long drawn out closing date.

  • Close quickly.

    The important thing to know is companies like The Trading Post are prepared to close quickly.

  • Work around the  seller’s unique needs such as: closing date or addressing and assisting with physical disabilities.

An elderly person or someone struggling with disabilities may need help packing their personal items, they may have collected items over the years that they do not want to take with them.  For those sellers, we’ll deal with any and all items the seller doesn’t want and doesn’t want to deal with.

At the end of the day, companies that buy houses for sellers may sound sceptic and unusual and for some sellers they not fill a need, but for others these companies offer a pain-free solution to a painful predicament.



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