Sell My House For Cash

Sell My House For Cash

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get cash for my houseWhy I Should Always Sell My House For Cash 

In this article you will learn the benefits when you sell my house for cash and you can get your free e-book which contains helpful tips on getting the most money for your home without breaking the bank.  If you are contemplating selling your home, you may be questioning whether it is beneficial to sell my house for cash.  A concept that to some may seem new, however it has been in existence for quite some time.  In a nutshell “sell my house for cash” means you won’t be sweating out the mortgage contingency.  The seller is prepared and capable of paying cash for your house.

A hassle free sale such as cash for your home, is one of the main benefits to working with an all cash buyer like The Trading Post Property Solutions Ltd.

If Your Buyer Inserts An Offer Conditional Upon Financing What Does That Mean To You The Seller?

Sadly a home sale can turn sour if a buyer is declined for financing.  Not only is being declined disappointing for both the buyer and the seller, but the seller has now removed their property from the market and potentially passed up the opportunity to sell their home to a ready buyer.  A ready buyer is someone who is ready, willing and able to follow through with the purchase of hour home.  When you are not dealing with a ready buyer, the sale of your house will drag out longer and making the selling process more difficult than it needs to be.

There are a number of reasons a buyer can be declined for a mortgage.  One could be reason could be due to his/her credit worthiness.  The buyer may not have the necessary income or assets required to secure a mortgage on the property, in some cases the buyer may not have sufficient funds to secure the necessary deposit or closing costs.  A lender will also need to see appropriate income verification and documentation to ensure they can afford the mortgage payments.  Should a buyer have recently changed jobs, isn’t on salary or appears financially precarious, it is unlikely the buyer will be approved for a mortgage.

When You Sell Your Home In A Bidding War, Should You Always Take The Highest Offer?

Another sobering and unfortunate reason a buyer can be declined has less to due with the buyer’s financial situation or credit worthiness, but more to do with the house itself.  When buyers are in a bidding war, some buyers will offer whatever is necessary to win the war, then what?

You have an offer with a selling price beyond your wildest dreams and the buyers has to full fill the financing condition and get mortgage approval.  Often the financial institution will send a house appraiser out to your home to affirm the price being offer jives with the house itself.  If the appraiser finds the home is not worth what the buyer has offered they can decline financing or offer the buyer a considerably lower mortgage than the buyer needs in order to purchase the house.

Get Your Free eBook

Hence when a buyer offers cash, you should absolutely consider and not shy away and “sell my house for cash”.  To learn more information helpful tips on selling house for more money, click the link below to get your free e-book.

cash for my house

Get Your Free Ebook.

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